Friday, February 20, 2009

Humidity Is The Key

Im here in Honolulu at USFWS bunkhouse that is used for people associated with the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Midway, Laysan, Tern, etc.), where I stayed last night. I forgot what nice weather was like....humidity is the key I think. I survived the plane ride from LAX without crying children or excessive farting nearby, which was a relief. The dude I had to sit next to was in his twenties with plugs, glasses and a fashion hawk (by that I mean a haircut, not a good-looking raptor), which was a lot better than some of the decaying old southerners surrounding me.

My birdlist for the day includes House Finch, Spotted Dove, Zebra Dove, Common Myna and some kind of bulbul.....I dont have a field guide by me so Im not sure what species.

At this point, now that I have some perspective, I am going to officially declare Halsey (Argus/Thee Parkside) one of my favorite bartenders of all time, joining Betty of Toby and Jack's/Everett's in Arcata and Lourdes of The Mirage in El Centro. This should not be a surprise to anyone who has been served by any of these exeptional, they are more than people.....they are heroes! May they be inspirations to us all.

Ok, I'll be on Midway later tonight, have a good weekend everyone!

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