Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Luck.......You're Gonna Need It

Doc Mel and Tracy both held the prestigious title of Miss Songkran this year.

Yesterday Songkran happened. It was pretty great.....I am going to make a point of it, in the future, to celebrate Songkran wherever I am, whether I am hanging out with any Thai people or not. Things kicked off with a parade, which Marc and I entered at the last minute after decorating the Gator with a wide variety of crap lying around the Fish and Wildlife Garage and the marine debris pile. The "SMOKING AREA" sign we put on the fender was my favorite ornament. It was all well received I think.

This is on our "float". That's Marc in back dressed as a Laysan Albatross. Im wearing a Tyvek suit with an M&M costume over it, some ear protection gear and a BMX helmet. It seemed appropriate.
After the procession made its way down to Captain Brooks, there was a brief ceremony in which water was poured onto the elder figures in attendance, and onto a small Buddha statue. Shortly afterwards everyone was getting water dumped on them and smeared with clay and powder, and food and drink was made available. Afterwards were several tug-of-war matches and volleyball games, and celebratory consumption went far into the night. I was apparently numb to the various injuries I sustained yesterday, because today has been physically painful and mentally numb. I did see a new hybrid albatross this afternoon, which I hope to get some pictures of later. All in all, a good weekend, and I am really looking forward to getting some mail on the next plane tomorrow. Ok, good luck with tackling Monday, I think you will need it.

This is our "million dollar view" from the deck of the bar, Captain Brooks. The sunset got an 8.5/10 last night.

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