Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manta Rayge

One of the Manta Rays that were lurking in the harbor the other day. This one had a "wingspan" of 5 or 6 feet I think. This it it flipping me off.

So Im writing an article for publication. The glamour that will down upon me will be oh so sweet. It entails birdwatching, of course. Hopefully it will be fit for publication here on BB&B in the not-too-distant future.

Yup, its good to have projects here on Midway. I have been very preoccupied lately hunting down my next bird job for the summer....the magic has still not happened yet. Ideally, somewhere in the deserts of Arizona or New Mexico would take me.....but nothin doin so far. Years ago I got addicted to that part of the country.....if youve ever been there in the spring or summer......I think you might understand. With past memories of Flame-colored Tanagers and trogons seared into my brain, its a hard place to quit.

Speaking of hard to quit, it does not feel quite right to discuss leaving Midway. I literally left everything (job, apartment, friends, most material possessions, etc.) to come here. I guess a part of me always likes to have some sort of plan in effect....boring, I know. I can always blame genetics, at least. But I think I will be back to these islands some day, so there's nothing to feel sad about. These seabirds are very addictive you much more fun to work with than those wretched Marbled Murrelet surveys I did for years. Talk about a good way to shorten your lifespan.

An innocent ball of fluff.............

............can rapidly turn into a man-eating Red-tailed Tropicbird chick. Well, fish-eating anyway.

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