Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Ain't Used To Sleeping All Alone

Red-tailed Tropicbirds performing they're aerial courtship displays in tandem. I will miss them!

A male Great Frigatebird getting fresh and clean. Its an elaborate process. I will miss them!

I don't think Ive posted a canary picture yet, so here's one for you. I probably won't miss them, but they're ok to have around.

So......I'm 27 today. When I was younger, I always thought 27 would be an awesome age. I kind of thought maximum happiness occurred at this age, although I didnt really have anything to base this on. At this juncture, it would be premature to say if there is any truth to statement or not. But the possibilities are endless, eh? I'm kicking off this year by being stranded on Midway Atoll, with no job, no health insurance, no home and no obligations to go back to when I migrate back to the states tomorrow night. Pretty rad....I have achieved vagrant status.

So will I continue on in the proud tradition of Steve past, or will it be nothing more than some kind of sad rehash of the good ole days? Will a Brave New Steve dawn in this Foul Year of Our Lord, 2009?

Perhaps I should settle with nothing less than nothing new.

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