Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Just Kept Coming Apart


Last week on Midway. How could this happen? It doesnt seem right. This brutal reality is even coming into my dreams....last night I dreamt I was some sort of policeman/detective, hanging out in a suburban neighbood someplace. I noted the three Hawaiian Monk Seals which were (naturally) loafing on someone's driveway. In my dream, I thought this was somewhat strange, but I didnt quite know why. Anyway, I return to this scene later and find that their carcasses have been piled on the lawn. A couple fellow detectives and myself start interrogating the owner. He denies any involvement, and even denies the existence of the eight (8) dead monk seals scattered in his house and on his lawn that we point out. Finally he cracks and confesses that he kills seals because.......he is Canadian. Obvi. Oh yeah, he also had a mustache and looked Italian, which may or may not be related to his pinniped-slaying ways.

This huge wad of cuteness is a Red-footed Booby and its fuzzy progeny.

I saw a gigantic pede today. It was the t-rex of pedes....surely some atavistic holdover from the Jurassic. It was relatively the same size as the one that plopped out of my sheets that fateful March night. It evoked deep memories of anger, fear, agression.....The Dark Side, as it were. I ground it to death with a large stick.....but that won't stop it from biting the crap out of me in my dreams tonight.

Look at little duder! Almost ready to fledge! This bird hit puberty waaaaay before the other chicks. So punx.

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