Monday, July 6, 2009

We Called It America

I'm back in Ventura now, mobilizing for my roadtrip eastward......right through the main arteries of America, where the weather runs hot and the blood runs cold.....where (the white, English-speaking version of) Jesus Is Lord and foreigners and terrorists are considered one in the same. Will I even make it? Will I be overtaken and devoured by Missouri's mongaloid population? I hear they are thirsty for exotic blood.......or maybe a quick mugging and some stabbing in a wooded Oklahoma lot will be my fate.....but it wouldnt be so bad if I could go out with the song of a Painted Bunting in the distance........but I am going out there to Live, not to die, after all, and contemplating the clogging of America's red blood will do me no good at this point. I won't have many opportunities to blog as I go, but once I'm settled in Pennsylvania, I think I will have a grip on the true meaning of the thing along with some soon-to-be-legendary photos.

I'm waiting for some paperwork to arrive from The Bat People....this is the only thing that can hold me back. But thats not very on to other things.

The first stop, of course, is MONSOONREUN(ion)Y2K9, featuring the astounding birds of Southeast Arizona and some bizarre people who have haunted my recent past. But I don't think I can quite rest until I hear the comforting squeak of a Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher once again (its been ten years!)....only then will the world feel Right least for a moment.

So in 2001 a movie called Rare Birds was put out. The premise is that a struggling restaraunt owner (William Hurt) is desperate for business, and his friend convinces him the best way to turn a profit is to phone in a sighting of an extinct duck at the cove adjacent to his isolated restaraunt. The ornithological experts that host the weekly birding radio show believe his description, and a crazed rush of birdwatchers descend upon his place in pursuit of the duck. Business is good and everything is going swimmingly......until people start dying and a lot of cocaine is consumed. Its pretty rad......I havent seen it in many years but its definitely worth watching. I don't think many people know this movie exists, so we here at BB&B thought it would be best to share this information with you........despite the numbers of our herds/hordes/flocks, birding doesn't really appear in the mainstream media very often....although I do remember a few decent scenes from Northern Lights, Twin Peaks, The Simpsons and a few more. Perhaps the cocaine-birding association may convince nonbirders that we are a more interesting than binoculars, a weird vest and a floppy hat draped over some sexless ubernerd......but then again, probably not.

I think the legendary Pablo "More Ska, Less Jah" Herrera turned me on to this, so be sure to thank him next time you migrate through northern California.......

You can catch a trailer for Rare Birds at:



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  1. Steve! Roadtrip! Nice, just watch the road and not the birds. It's funny I haven't been home in a long time and I never bird-watched much here and now that I'm home I'm noticing all these birds i never kneew lived here. It's kind of cool. Does that make me a nerd too? Dammit... Chipping Sparrows, Eastern Kingbirds, Northern Mockingbirds... good stuff, some I couldn't ID, my nerd skills are weak. I'm not going anywhere yet, still in Ohio. Where will you be in PA?