Friday, July 24, 2009

Where The People Are Cells And The Streets Are Veins

Driving across this horrible and beautiful beast we know as the United States, even by myself for the vast majority of it, was a pretty positive experience. I went from San Francisco to Ventura, east to southeastern Arizona, then onward through New Mexico, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and then finally Pennsylvania. Once I left the dregs of southern California behind, I was surprised at how open everything was, from Indio onward. I went through a few big cities (Phoenix, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Indianaopolis, etc.), but it was kind of heartwarming to see the lack of people across the country. I grew up amidst monstrous urban sprawl, and it was heartwarming to see that a lot of the country isn't quite like that.

What they do have is Jesus. Jesus is everywhere! He's not quite as prevalent here in Pennsylvania as we in places like Oklahoma and Texas, but the heartland of America loves their (twisted version of) Jesus with a passion.

Which comes as a surprise to no one, of course. Most Americans do, in fact, love Jesus. One 2004 estimate puts the number of Americans who identify themselves as Christian, on some level, as over 244 million people! Thats 76% of the population! Holy shit! That's a hell of a lot of people who see everything a whole lot differently put it mildly.

Most people are not on the same plane (astroplane?) as me though, and I've learned that a long, long time ago. That's probably why I'm out here to find bat carcasses. is Sarah Palin's last day on the job, and we should all rejoice.

Box turtle! I never thought I'd see one in the wild. Someone was actually home in here, but he/she was a bit camera shy.

This moth was apparently jealous of my bird-love and wanted to show off.

A sleepy Pipevine Swallowtail at dawn.

Little Piney Creek ran behind my campsite in Missouri. Definitely someplace I would like to go back to.

A small scorpion that was hanging out next to my tent in Oklahoma. Ouch though?

A Mississippi Kite next to Oklahoma's Arcadia Lake. They're pretty slick-looking.

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