Sunday, March 15, 2009


In the distance is Sand Island: Home Sweet Home.

Yes, today we are confronted with the horrible truth that is The Ides Of March. For those of you with raging, massive Caesar-style personalities, I urge Extreme Caution today. The Great Scorekeeper might call your number today.....or perhaps even pull your card. Beware!

Of course, the birds dont really care about this, which, in my present situation, is all that concerns me. I work for them, do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Spring is encroaching rapidly here, although we have been experiencing some not-so-positive climatic conditions lately. We have had a visitor group here for over a week now, which include some Brit birders and a dude who was stationed here as part of the military around 1950/1951. We got to check out some pictures from that time, and the place looks really, really different......pretty epic actually. Anyways, some of the visitors are pretty ill and Ive discovered how much people here can get The Fear from being sick, its kind of funny. Of course, I wont be laughing if I get The Plague, and considering today's date, maybe I should take this more seriously, no?

This is the WWII era machine gun pillbox on South Beach.

The birds are holding it down, as always. The now completely confirmed (thanks to Tristan Mckee, Peter Pyle, and the bird itself) Grey-tailed Tattler was over on Eastern Island yesterday, as was an epic looking partial albino Black-footed Albatross, the Glaucous-winged Gull and a new Masked Booby. Christmas Shearwaters are lurking. I had an unidentified tern fly by today of the Arctic flavor, but unless I see it again I'll never know for sure. The Siberian Whimbrel and Eurasian Wigeon are still around, and a White-tailed Tropicbird was inspecting potential nest sites in front of Liz's house. Phew.

Grey-tailed Tattler. Fourth official record for Midway! Not something I thought I'd find out here.....not a face-melting or breath-taking bird, but hair-raising at the least.

Ok, Im going to play poker. Considering the ominous date, I would guess that I am Doomed......but if Caesar could gamble with his life, I can afford to lose less than that.


  1. "Eurasian Wigeon"

    This feels like a joke, but I can't tell.

    Good luck making it through your poker game, Steve!

  2. Nope thats a real one....dont get me started on all the different boobies and tits out there.