Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Death and Despair on Midway: The March Of The Pedes Begins

I found my first pede in my house today. True, it was only an inch and a half long, but this one was just a precursor to the Pede Horde that will soon be overtaking my house. God help me.

A Brown Booby, gearing up for the festivies of Brown Booby Day. Little effort is required.

Today is Saint Patrick's Day. Like most holidays, you should be highly skeptical of what, exactly, is being celebrated, and why. There are a lot of religious holidays out there. Whats up with that? Why cant we have a Darwin Day, or a Brown Booby day? Do you know how awesome Brown Booby Day would be???? We could celebrate by wearing brown, eating small fish and sitting on a buoy or something.

All that aside, I am wearing green (how embarrassing) and am going to sing tonight....apparently Midway has a karaoke machine. Awesome. Its not quite The Pogues playing, but it will do........

In other news, I caught and handled Red-tailed Tropicbirds today for the first time.....it went pretty well. I only got shat on once, nobody threw up, and all the birds went right back to their eggs after we checked their bands. Good stuff.

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