Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Automatic Man

Among (many) other things, a lot of light bulbs wash up here. This kind makes for good photo-ops. You should see the pictures where we are all naked, but I don't think this is an appropriate forum for that.

I think this picture speaks for itself. Yeah the water here is pretty nice (the turtles too). Before you enjoy it too much, I would like to point out that this is the same (now dead) turtle pictured in an earlier blog. Life ain't easy.

This is at one of our marine debris plots. Right after this picture was taken, an albatross flew into Liz and gave her a serious concussion. The albatross ended up dying from the collision. It was terrible.

Top predator, or dinner for the residents of Midway? I'll let you decide.

I dont really have anything in mind for today. I am but a Humble Volunteer, and I am busy with enough stuff to do that I do not need to think. I have been on Automatic Biologist Mode since Ive been here.

I spent the morning on Eastern, and had the entire island to myself for the first time....but I was too busy with the Laysan Ducks and other birds to truly appreciate that until after I got back to Sand, which is a thriving metropolis in comparison. One part of the island is even referred to as "town". Anyways, the Short-tailed Albatross couple were there, and I hung out with some Christmas Shearwaters doing nuptual flights, which consist of them doing circles over some patch of bushes making cute little weird noises the whole time ("wooooooo........WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" they say). They sound like what a little kid dressed as a ghost would say on your porch on Halloween to try to scare you, but the costume is actually just a white sheet with holes cut out for their eyes so its all kind of cute.....except this is way better because hanging out with Christmas Shearwaters is a lot more fun than enduring some weird little kid.

This afternoon I'm going to go out to fondle some Black-footed Albatross chicks, who will bite, shit and hopefully not vomit all over me. Keep in mind this is for Research, and having them abuse me so is not my idea of a good time. It is, however, a lot better than being imprisoned in an office.

Ok, Ive figured out the stunning theme for this blog. It's posting a bunch of pictures of stuff here that are not birds. Groundbreaking, I know. By the way, there are a lot of lies in this blog (note the date).

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  1. Great photos, and commentary!

    Keep it up.............