Monday, May 18, 2009

I Prefer The Company of Animals

Laysan Albatross aren't very graceful on the ground, but they know how to look good in the air.

How's that for a title? I pulled it out of a Western Addiction song, but for people here I think its pretty applicable. It's more interesting than "Wind" or "More Wind" or "Steve Isn't Very Good At Bowling", which sums up the last few days. I think I can now say that I've talked to Laysan Albatrosses more than any other species of animal, and I'm pretty proud of that.

Yesterday at another outstanding Klavitter Cocktail Party, we watched an adult tern bring a huge fish in for its chick; the fish was about twice as long as the chick. We all cheered the chick on as it slowly worked the fish down (young terns take their food whole). For about an hour it just hung out with part of the fish sticking out of its eventually got the whole thing. An impressive feat of would be the equivalent of me trying to swallow a 12 foot anaconda whole. Truly inspirational. They're a lot of fun to have around, I will miss them on the mainland. I'll post pictures when I get around to uploading them........

I only have a few weeks left here.......which is a strange thing to be saying. My time here has slowly gone by quickly, if that makes any sense. Next weekend we get three days off though, so I will do my best to make it worthwhile.

Ole Blindy, the completely blind Laysan Duck. I took the liberty of giving him that very original name.

I can't think of a whole lot I want to do before I leave that I haven't gotten to do already. It would be nice to kayak some more. Otherwise......maybe spotlight some ducks with Jimmy, use the sauna, see a Bulwer's Petrel. Some sort of bonus shorebird migrant would be ideal.....but I will take what I can get.

Of course, part of what makes Midway Midway is the people here. I will try to fill up my social calendar for the last few weeks. There are rumors of a marathon next weekend.....I am seriously consider running it. I mean walking it. Let's keep it real, right?

Ok. That's it for now. I miss you all. I will leave you with some wisdom from one of the finest American's that have ever lived. Good night.

It's a strange world. Some people get rich, and others eat shit and die. - Hunter S. Thompson


  1. Steve,

    Can you get a shot of John Klavitter wearing his "Ducks Unlimited" vest holding a Laysen Duck?
    Thanks.....Mona & Nelson
    AKA Mom & Dad

  2. Haha, its hard to catch John in something other than a FWS uniform but I will do my best! I did a ceiling tile at All Hands with some of the Coast Guard dudes and monk seal girls, picture will be forthcoming.

  3. Looking forward to the picture of the ceiling tile!
    Mona & Nelson