Friday, May 8, 2009

Shall We Dance? Or Maybe Just Limp Around?

I have less than a month left!!!!! What is happening? Is this some sort of cruel joke? Will I be able to recover from being removed from this amazing place? Or will I be left mentally scarred, running through the gutters of San Francisco for the rest of my life? What will I do without my support system (aka the three million seabirds here)? Who will I talk to? People? Please.

Right. Gotta move on. Whats next? I'll let you know when I find out. I'm going to stop jinxing myself and quit talking about where I'm applying. At least I'm finding out that my qualifications would have set me up for a couple of jobs if I decided to leave Midway early, but I refuse to capitulate and so my schedule is kind of narrowing the field for me. But I am not worried. Why worry? I wont be able to stop global warming, but finding a bird job should not be a problem.

The Brown Booby. I don't have anything or witty to say about this one, despite the potential provided by its dubious name.

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