Friday, May 1, 2009

You Better Watch Who You Call Backwards

A lot of spent ammunition washes up on Eastern Island....this is the first live round I've found. I have no idea how old it is......some of the stuff we've found could certainly date back to The Battle of Midway.

Well I have finally started branching out to the outside world and have been looking into what passes as news. New studies have shown that crustaceans and fish are both quite capable of feeling pain (obvi), and birds (all parrots so far) can understand rhthym and are capable of dancing to music. Sweet. Egypt, absurdly, has decided to kill all of its pigs, in order to stop the spread of Swine Flu. How they have ignored the fact that it is people who are spreading it, not pigs, is difficult to fathom. If they were serious about preventing Swine Flu from entering its borders, they would set up slaughterhouses for tourists at all border entries and major airports. Also, Bigfoot has been found to conclusively exist, as an old skeleton was collected from an undisclosed location near the Oregon-California border. This will, of course, cause the demise of the entire timber industry in several states......rednecks, hicks, good ol boys and other wild-eyed inbreeders will soon be marching on Washington, armed with bulldozers and chainsaws, demanding the complete and total destruction of The Environment.......

What? Who said that? That cant be all true. But with no one to tell you otherwise, why not make up your own news? Entertainment on Midway comes at a high premium, and a vivid imagination and a strong sense for the absurd can go a long way here.

Of course, the wildlife still provides most of the entertainment here.

Feeling down? Got the blues? There are many psychologists (albatross) here who will gladly listen to your problems.

This albatross chick decided to team up with a petrel chick (see albatross' right foot) for an unbeatable Dream Team. Considering the albatross are usually busy trampling petrel burrows and are always picking at anything interesting-looking, this pair was kind of strange to see.

The quintessential fully-inflated frigatebird shot.

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