Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Legislate Your Sad Opinions

Hey everyone! Just some encouragement to get out there and enjoy fall migration while it lasts. It's a fleeting thing, and definitely my favorite time of year to geek out on obscure brown and gray things. Last weekend I did some half-assed birding and managed 11 species of warblers (including Blue-winged, Blackburnian, and hordes of Black-throated Blues), Orchard Oriole, Swamp Sparrows, Barred Owl, Ruffed Grouse and a bunch of other eastern goodies. So quit watching that stupid VH1 show (I bet it's Tool Academy, huh?), listening to that crappy, overrated band (Dave Matthews, I'm looking at you), and checking Facebook as constantly as I do. There's no time to waste!

Ok, I'm going to go drink some Rolling Rock (it's windy, give me a break).

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