The Life And Times Of Seagull and Felonious

"You need to meet up with a guy named Steve. Absolutely brilliant birder. You can find him at the bar." - British twitchers discussing what to do at Midway Atoll.

SeagullSteve* started birding when he was 12 years old. This did not make him popular with the girls at the time. Growing up in Southern California's fertile Ventura birding scene, he then made his way up to Arcata where he attended Humboldt State University and obtained a degree in Wildlife Management. After playing in a number of crappy (but legendary) punk rock bands and watching a couple of birds, he has been taking field jobs wherever he sees fit. These have included studies in California, Oregon, Southeast Arizona, Midway Atoll, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Alaska's Western Aleutian Islands and Mexico.

Because he is often deployed in bizarre, remote, and backwoodsy places, he is otherwise stationed in San Francisco, California, when he finds himself unemployed. After making up for lost times with loved ones on The Honor Roll, he exiles himself to a life of deprivation and birds for months at a time. His Number 7 ranking amongst American birders has not gone to his head.

Along with his trusted colleague, The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive, he has dedicated his life to being a Champion Of Fun and to possibly making the world a better place for his winged brethren. But at heart, he will always be a birder before a biologist or a photographer. He strives to understand the unusual habits of birders...a truly daunting task. He hopes that by exposing this insidious group to the general public, he can better understand himself.

*He is also completely aware that the word "seagull" irks many a humorless birder, and gets much enjoyment out of that.

The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive is, obviously, a world-renowned ornithologist. His knowledge and influence reaches far above any mortal-based ranking system. Sometimes referred to as The Last, Best Hope For Birdkind, the plight of his avian cousins weighs heavily upon him at all times. He is considered by some to be the The Second Coming of the Egyptian sky-god Horus. Felonious is fond of bourbon, women, and unemployment. He is terrified of large centipedes. He is a beat writer at the prestigious 10,000 Birds.