Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Digits and Debris

This is a Black-footed Albatross, which is one of the more common birds out here. They're not quite as friendly as the Laysan.

Ok, my phone number is 808-954-4872........feel free to holler at me, it shouldnt cost any more than a regular phone call (it costs me a lot to call out though). We are 3 hours behind ya'll out in California, and I would love to hear your sweet voices. Oh yeah, DONT CALL ME LATE AT NIGHT! There are phones scattered all over the house so you'll wake Gary up, and I fear his wrath.

Today we dealt with marine debris today (aka trash), which is a big problem here on Midway.....a lot of it washes up on shore and gets stuck on the reef, and it causes huge problems with wildlife that get caught in it or eat it by accident.....I'll get into this more when I have more energy. Lugging bags of garbage around the beach in the rain is good exercise though.....I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow we go out to Eastern Island (Sand Island here is the only habitable one), which sounds pretty epic. I seek The Golden Gooney!

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