Monday, February 9, 2009

That Cocaine Habit Is Mighty Bad

Hey everybody. How you doing today? Are you at work? How is your job? Crappy? Depressing? Does it all seem meaningless? I cant relate, as I am gainfully and gloriously unemployed!

That said, any of you birder folk who read this probably are doing something pretty interesting for work, and I will be rejoining your ranks in the very near future. I fly out to Honolulu on February 19th, then out to Midway Atoll the next day. I'll probably be writing on this pretty often I imagine......although when I decide to go on any ridiculous tangents about sex, drugs and rock and roll I'll probably reserve that for the other blog. Not that I imagine that I will be partaking in much sex, drugs and rock and roll on the island (although Ive heard a lot about the Chugach band there), but I think its important to have a little of that sort of thing(or maybe a lot?) in your life. Maybe its more like a two out of three long as you have a couple of those in your system, you are able to cope. However, a lot of people have difficulty maintaining a "mild" drug habit........hmm.

I find it odd that both Obama and Bush are known to have had a good cocaine habit at one point in their lives, and both got into office without much fuss about it.......remember Bill Clinton's line about "not inhaling"? That caused quite the ruckus back in the day. Perhaps its a sign of the times. The American government has pretty much lost The Great Drug War, both in terms of public opinion of the whole debacle and in making a significant impact. They have stuck a whole lot of minority folk in prison, and thats about it. As Good Clean Fun put it, "You know its bad when the straight-edge kid is the one saying "legalize!"".

So this is exactly the kind of tangent I was talking about that I wouldnt post on here.....but idle hands, free time and a bunch of caffeine will make this sort of thing happen......and I think its all in line with my Mission Statement that I put out last year. Maybe this will lead us to a new topic......birders and drug use. Imagine roving herds of Ritalin-fueled birders, roaming their patches in desperate search of vagrants (the bird kind, not bums.....that would be weird). I think its actually quite possible that one's birding skills may be enhanced by this, in terms of attention to detail.....not that Ive ever had it.

Ok, I dont know where this is going anymore, but stay tuned!

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  1. You should include a hyperlink to your "Mission Statement" where you mention it in the last paragraph. Makes it easier to find it and thus understand you.