Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're On Our Way.....

This is Gary and Liz....are they innocent volunteers or brutal serial killers?

Last night there was a party for a bunch of people who are having birthdays around this time. The party was at "Soc's" house (I dont know his full name), and it was pretty good. He is one of the Thai guys, and has been here for twenty-seven (27) years! No one else here right now has amassed anything like that in terms of time spent out here (not counting some of the goonies)......I dont know how he's done it.....but I think I can understand Why.

There was almost no beer there, as the island is about to completely run out....Im not sure when we will be getting another shipment in. Fortunately, there a lot of big whiskey fans on Midway and a strong supply, which suits me just fine.

There arent any gulls out here (ok, Ive seen one....), but we have pants-wetting seabirds like Red-tailed Tropicbirds instead.

Today we finally had some sunlight for the first time in a while. I dont know if Ive ever seen a more beautiful place when the sun is out. The clouds actually turn blue from the the reflection of the water........"facemelting" only begins to describe it. Anyway, I biked around the island again and added a few birds to my Midway list. Highlights were my lifer White-tailed Tropicbird and a Siberian Whimbrel, which I think is pretty rare out here. It was hanging out with some Bristle-thighed Curlews, which are fairly common. I have yet to remember to bestow any of these birds meat-lifer status (Im not going to explain this.....use your imagination), but it shall be done!

This is what breakfast/lunch/dinner looks like for a young albatross.

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