Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Little To Lose, So Much To Win

Welcome to the special Earth Day edition of BB&B. Here at headquaters things are bustling. The Laysan Albatross are rowdy tonight, and the Bonin Petrels are growling mercilessly. Halsey is guarding the back door vigilantly. The ghosts of Midway past are dancing, and we all have an optimism that somehow, everything will work out alright. Yes, we are up against incredible odds....but I would think it is worth a good fight, no? So no more grim is a positive day.

I think Earth Day is a good holiday. If I was still in college, I would not hesitate to throw a raging, debaucherous party in order to celebrate it properly. But, for better or worse, I am not in I must improvise. I do find it sad, however, that Earth Day, at least to me, still feels like propaganda that is trying to sell environmentalism to the masses. Why is this even necessary? Why is it not common sense that trashing the planet is a bad idea? Maybe they should simplify the holiday.....go straight to the point.......Happy "Don't Shit In Your Own Nest Day"! How millions of people cannot grasp this concept baffles me. Maybe if this holiday can somehow be attached to the concept of partial nudity (Halloween), partying (New Year's Eve), or not having to work (Caesar Chavez?), Earth Day will get the credit it deserves. Until then, we can wallow in the epidemic ignorance of least its trendy.

This is what a Bourbon, Bastards and Birds Staff Meeting looks like.

So I'm on the job hunt. I already got napesed from Wyoming, looked into Arizona, and am waiting to hear back from Massachusetts and South Dakota (why not?). So far so good. It really is a positive day when I get to think about it. I am constantly surrounded by incredible, exotic, friendly birds (see above photo), yet have the luxury to write this tangent while listening to The Pogues with a beer. I have dear friends that miss me back on the mainland, and I have no doomed relationship/soulless job/regrettable lovechild issues holding me down anywhere. Yes, life is good.

Of course, things could always be better with The Ian Fays around. They are perhaps the pinnacle of sentient life here on Earth, and I miss them terribly. But, for just today, knowing that they are roaming free somewhere is good enough for me.

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  1. Pete,
    You make a very good point about "shitting in your own nest" on Earth Day.
    How do we get the point accross about the plastic problem?
    Enjoy your photos and comments!
    Nelson & Mona