Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Road (Kinda) Feels Like My Home

One of the WWII-era bunkers that are in pretty good shape here on Sand Island. The doors to places like this are always left open to let birds in and out. I'll post more pictures of structures like this...the history here is amazing....but I tend to get too distracted by birds.

How is your week going? Congratulations for making it over The these times, it is no easy task. I will leave the strange stories of my lurid past alone for a while and concentrate on whats important....The Here and Now.

I spent the morning on Eastern Island, spending time with my buddies and catching up on what they've been up to since last week. Of course, I refer to birds. I caught myself talking to them more than usual.....but since only one other person was on the island at the time, I didnt really care. The Sooty Terns, Grey-backed Terns, Christmas Shearwaters, Great Frigatebirds and Red-footed Boobies all seem to be doing pretty well. I am really taking a liking to these birds...the frigatebirds, in particular, are at the same time incredibly epic and embarrassingly cute. A frigatebird diving at your head is truly disturbing, but they are very affectionate with their mates and make a wide variety of otherworldly sounds which seems to contradict their stealth-bomber-death-machine appearance There are some bluffs on part of the island (granted, they are only a few feet high) where a lot of the bigger seabirds will catch updrafts, and a couple curious frigatebirds floated down to within a few feet of my head this morning to say hello. I felt like I should have offered it some sort of sacrifice to its greatness, but it seemed none was required. The boobies and albatross will sometimes put on the air brakes to check you out as they go by, but their aerial skills are not quite the same as the frigatebird.

No offense....but my office is better than your office.

A young Great Frigatebird, living up to its first name.

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