Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blind To Indications Of His Species' Slow Decay

One of the friendly neighborhood Bristle-thighed Curlews.

Man. This wind really blows. Pun intended. Seriously though, its really unseasonal and everyone is pretty bummed about it. Whenever I look outside, I think "Nope, still windy". It puts a damper on things.

So Ole Blindy is still holding it down at the Aviary Seep, everyone wants him to Win. There is a reason there aren't many blind animals out there. They tend to die. But there is something endearing about a blind duck, and we are all on his side.

The previously mentioned White Tern chick and it's everlasting fish.

I found out that The Swine Flu has made its way to Humboldt County, where there are many people near and dear to my heart. Is it weird that this doesn't really bother me? I have very little faith in Swine Flu to be the monster that some people wanted it to be. I almost want to call it "Whine Flu" but since its actually killed a bunch of people that seems a bit inappropriate.

Otherwise, news has been sparse. Vehicle emissions will finally be controlled, Guantanamo remains open, and Ive been updated on a lot of gossip lately from safely anonymous sources. San Francisco's drunken, masochistic orgy that is Bay To Breakers seems to have been successful. Everything is more interesting than it seems. Yet no one can ever tell me how my favorite bartender is doing, because mysteriously everyone has their memory erased after seeing her. She must be more powerful than I could have imagined. There are rumors, however, that she is still hot.

And why is anyone paying attention to Dick Cheney? How is he still functioning? What's his robo-heart powered by anyway? Can pure hatred and a dash of fascism keep someone going for this long? Most people who drunkenly shoot their buddies in the face (remember that?) don't command much respect, much less someone who has managed to turn their country into......well, let's call it as it is.....the dirty asshole of the world.

There is only one more plane that comes in before I fly out.....hopefully it will carry the new NOFX album and some new headphones for me. Between now and then is a three-day weekend and a trip to Eastern Island, which I don't get to see much anymore. Things are looking up. Now only if this damn wind will stop......

Pete Leary sends his bowling ball into hyperspace.


  1. damn - wish I'd got into this blog earlier...what an amazing couple of months: don't suppose you'd be interested in writing a post for 10,000 Birds ( would you?

  2. Hmmm....well, I will be here a couple more weeks, so why not? Let me know what I need to do.