Monday, May 25, 2009

A Rationale So Moronic

Brown Noddy. They're busy doing courtship displays and laying eggs. Oh yeah.

Well......I totally missed the Memorial Day event/service/observation this afternoon. I'm ok with that though......I was out looking at birds. The weather has turned for the better (that bitch "Gale" finally left the atoll), and we are all happier for it. It's been a good weekend. A bunch of Coast Guard people showed up in the middle of the night and appeared at the All Hands Club while the almighty, illustrious, one-of-a-kind Chugach Band was holding it down. There are a couple seagoing emergencies (heart attack, man overboard) that they are dealing with, and I suppose they will be based here until crud is resolved.

Highlight of today was wading out into rusty bucket to look at the reef fish. Had my feet nibbled on by hundreds of little fish......that's my kind of pedicure.

These are a couple of the old Clipper Houses that were built back some time before WWII, when "flying boats" used to stop here between San Francisco and The Orient. They could be in better shape.

On Saturday we had the Midway 5k, and I, hope against hope, won the bike race. I didnt think I would ever win a race in my life, so this came as a surprise to me. Those of you who know me probably don't even believe this. A lot of people here are in better shape than me, but I probably get around the island on bike as much as anyone. The timed Laysan Duck surveys that I do by bike made for good training I suppose. John Klavitter won the foot race, of course.

Midway 5K! I think they all tied for second place.....good strategy.

Do you ever get the feel that you are about to start the rest of your life? Ive always felt Ive been on the brink of some epic existential breakthrough, but I never quite get there. I don't feel alone in this, and I suspect a lot of people are old and gray before they realize that they've already done most of their living, and that light down at the far end of the tunnel will always remain in the distance. I don't want to be one of those people.

What? Who said that? I think I'm going to go hit the sauna. Later!

Moby Dick is still going strong. He has blue eyes! If he lives very long (unlikely), he will be quite the ladykiller.

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