Thursday, May 28, 2009

You're Wanted In Surgery

The monumental Gray-backed Tern, on it's way to do something outstanding.

I'm looking out the window at a Laysan Duck with a bunch of brand new ducklings. Hold on. Sweet. Heart attack sweet. Diabetes sweet. 8 little ducklings! Probably only a couple days old. Adorable. I don't know what they're doing in "town", but I wish them the best of luck. Last I saw of them it looked like they were heading off to Smash unlikely feat but a good way to go, in the scheme of things. Maybe they were protesting the poor, poor, poor Supreme Court decision that was just handed down in California....they seemed a bit rambunctious.

Behind of the house, the third and final White Tern chick has hatched. She shall hereafter be known as "Betty", completing my personal bartender hall of fame..........manifested by tern chicks. As you all (should) know, Betty was a refugee of Toby and Jack's in Arcata, and ended up next door at Everett's, where you can still find her today. Halsey is a big girl now, in the awkward teenager phase. Lourdes is holding it down in the shed, and Betty still has her egg tooth and may have just hatched this morning. Of course I have no way to prove the sex of any of them, but if that's the case I can feminize all of them and no one can prove me otherwise.

As of today I've only got a week left. Time to maximize "Fun Time" and soak in The Atoll Of Youth, you know what I'm sayin? Enhance the tan. Drink the whiskey. Have vision-quests in the sauna. Find that vagrant. Word.

Oh yeah the above picture documents the first and last time an Against Me! song was and ever will be played on Midway, hehe.

Wedge-tailed Shearwaters are attentive and affectionate lovers, unlike most people I know.

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