Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last Days Of Disco, The Final Farewell

Back in Ventura. Here are some things I've noticed since Ive been back:

I own more than ~50 lbs of stuff.
There are women everywhere.
There are not albatross everywhere.
Driving a car is an unfamiliar feeling.
Parallel parking has gotten a lot harder.
Gulls seem new and intersting.
The marine layer is boring.
Walking around without worrying about petrel burrows is nice.
Not living in a constant state of pede-fear is nice.
Food at my parents house is not nearly as good as food at the Clipper House.

I seem to have developed a very low tolerance for people I don't like and a new appreciation of those that I do. A couple decrepit old Santa Barbaran hags that I shared a van with on the way up from LAX made me want to jump out the window.....which makes sense, since on the plane ride over from Honolulu I sat next to a southern belle on her way home to Lousiana. You win some, you lose some, right?

I'll post a mess of some of my best pictures from Midway when I get the chance. In other news, Ive somehow gotten a job interview for tomorrow, which could potentially lead to some heinous duck molesting in the land that people go to die. Not that its my time yet, but a little peek of the afterlife won't hurt.

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