Saturday, June 13, 2009

Liberty Is A Glorious Beast

I'm still in San Francisco, taking in the social scene, great food and questionable people that the city offers. Ive taken a much-needed Haightcation in the last couple days, and things are starting to feel Right again. I no longer am stricken with a sense of Fear and Loathing whenever I encounter large groups of people, although uberhipsters and ultrabros are still a bummer to be sure.

The big news is that I was offered a job with Bat Conservation International in Pennsylvania, which I accepted yesterday. So I will be Eastbound And Down in a few weeks, but until then I can float around in California.....indeed, some sort of human debris in America's Great Western Human Garbage Patch, waiting to be eaten up and fed to the next generation of Americans. A dubious fate to be sure.

Here is another crop of pictures from my last couple weeks at Midway......enjoy!


  1. Steve,
    Great shots.....and good news on the job!
    If your driving cross country, give us a call. We can offer a meal, hot shower, and place to stay.
    Nelson & Mona

  2. Thanks guys! Migratory stopover sites are always welcome. I can even decorate a ceiling tile if you want, hehe.