Monday, June 1, 2009

So Let Me Get This Straight

My last Monday here on Sand Island. Started the day by pulling exotic verbesina and planting eragrostis (native bunchgrass). Also took great pleasure in destroying a centipede I found. No.....I did more than destroy it....I extinguished its soul. It was undoubtedly planning on climbing up my nostril while I slumbered, only to make a nest in my frontal lobe and torment me through my final days.

Score one for Stever.

The old WWII era powerplant, the "bombproof" building that got a shell through a window to herald America's entrance into WWII.

Before the Battle of Midway, Midway was shelled the same day Pearl Harbor was bombed. George, who worked in the powerplant, was the first casualty here.

This is a Japanese memorial put in by survivors of the Hiryu, one of the Japanese carriers that was sunk in The Battle of Midway. I am assuming it says something somber.

This afternoon will consist of checking the Laysan Albatross plots, and then some data entry. This will be the last time I get to walk through the Laysan will be sad, so sad. Who will nibble my sandals? Who will gouge my hands? Who will try to puke on me? Oh yeah....the Black-footed Albatross will do all that and more.

This Laysan Albatross chick was a choking victim, and a casualty of a different war. You can still see commercials for the wonders and greatness of plastic on tv. It's pictures like this they don't want you to see.


  1. these photos you are getting, are fucking face melting. like blow your mind. I'm impressed.

  2. Steve,
    Still waiting to see the ceiling tile at the "All Hands Club"!
    We expect it will be outstanding!
    Mona & Nelson

  3. Steve,

    Can you get a shot of John & Leona?
    John with his "Ducks Unlimitted" vest holding a Laysen duck?

    Thanks....Mona & Nelson (Mom & Dad)

  4. Mona/Nelson -

    Thanks for reminding me about the tile! I still need to do that. I asked John about that photo you wanted and he said he might have to do some photoshopping instead, hehe.