Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Whiskey And Records Again

I got an incredible package music! And yes, I still buy cds, and still use mail order.....old-fashioned, I know. But considering how important music is to me and how terrible I am at deciphering lyrics (or even conversation, for that matter....sheesh), I must have the physical copy! What makes punk rock great is the lyrical content, not how terribly you can growl/yell/scream/moan or whatever....although that certainly helps. In fact, NOT being able to sing helps to. Its pretty flexible, people. For every Glenn Danzig you've got a Keith Morris. Thats Misfits and Circle Jerks, if you didn't know.

Anyhow, being the picky/finicky/snobby music fan I am, it gets harder and harder to find new stuff that I can be enthusiastic about, so today is a glorious day! Listening to these albums is like eating apple pie...maybe even two.....whereas listening to most music is akin to eating shit. Just sayin'.

Nothing about birds here, sorry.

If you are a punk rock aficionado (or, even better, if youre not), check out Dear Landlord and Cobra Skulls below!

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