Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We'll Spew And Lurch, Get Nicked and Fixed

It's been over a year that Bourbon, Bastards and Birds has been in operation and I'm proud to say that this sprawling uberblog has become....well....just slightly more popular than when it first started, when the only one reading it was me. BB&B has overcome huge obstacles to become what it is today, namely my blatant laziness, crudeness, far left politics, poor photographs, the focus on birds (how embarrassing), weird musical taste, and my tendency to swear a lot (fuck!) and go into long-winded, pointless tangents about nothing at all. But all those reasons are why you're reading it now, right? I mean, what else is there? What is this, journalism? Is there any integrity to be had around here? Is this actually humorous? This is up for debate. But who am I to judge? I just write this stuff. Maybe, amongst this mess, there is some sort of bycatch of wisdom that occasionally gets ensnared amongst everything else.....but I have serious doubts about this.

All of this, of course, is not what run-of-the-mill conservative birdwatchers want to see in their bird blogs. They want amazing pictures, a tiring description of some expensive festival they just went to, expansive bird lists of species that I will never even hear of from places that I can't even conceive of visiting, extensive documentation of local vagrants....that sort of thing. Well, I can put my foot into that tub, but not somewhere I would want to dive into, you know? This is a completely different gig. I am willing, however, to except sponsorships and free gear from anyone who wants to give it to me. Except Bushnell.

My 100th post will see the light of day soon, and I'm hoping to have some kind of BB&B Special Edition to commemorate the occasion. I can't post from anyplace exotic, but I will try to make it a fulfilling experience for all.

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