Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rational Thought Neglect

So do you know what's hard? Writing a blog that deals harder than it looks. Really. I mean, it would be one thing if I was 60 years old (not that there is anything wrong with that) and was completely unconcerned about the presentation/content/image. I'd throw out some pictures of some rare birds and shit and be like "This Fork-tailed Flycatcher was showing well at Plum Island National Wildlife Refuge, where it delighted hundreds of happy observers. A great day for birding!"

But that's not how I would do it.

The inner me would want to write something like "This Fork-tailed Flycatcher was fucking awesome. I think I had a brain aneurysm when I saw it. Holy shit. My face melted right off and I was unknowingly stomping it down into the mud in my sheer ecstasy, without feeling any pain at all. This out-of-body experience has inspired me to build an alter to Fork-tailed Flycatchers in my living room..."

And maybe that's what I should do. But is that what I think is best? I'm not sure yet. I that something you would like to see? It will be interesting to see what BB&B looks like in a year. At any rate, if I ever saw a Fork-tailed Flycatcher I think that's pretty much what my reaction would be. If you don't know what one looks like, it's the thing birder's dreams are made of. In other words.....Google it.

Some of our turbines. This shot was taken on September 19th, I think....this scene looks a lot different now. I'll show you later.

A beat-up Black Swallowtail, or some similar species. Very attractive nonetheless.

The meaning of this creature is completely lost on me, but it seems significant.

Someday, he's going to grow up to be a turbine!

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