Thursday, November 19, 2009

She's So Beautiful, She Keeps My Prescriptions Full

Ain't it nice when we can all get along? Suwanee Cooters with American Alligator, Wakulla River, Florida.

Even though I've been reduced to a state of deep catatonia for the past several days due to chronic health problems, I've been pretty stoked to be back in San Francisco. The birding isn't exactly top-knotch, but we can't have everything, can we? Regardless of this, I'm leaving tomorrow for Portland, Oregon, which has been hyped so much to me that I can't picture it being much more interesting or lively than a septic tank. To top it off, there are a few people that I harbor a deep hatred for who live there, who I will no doubt have to see and make awkward conversation's just my luck. But with my attorney present, as well as the one known as Breakfast Tits, The Red-headed Stranger, Shutter, and the Wandering Abysmaltross, how can I go wrong? So no BB&B for a little while, but enjoy your Thanksgiving and everything that makes life worth living. Call in sick, drink too much whiskey, watch some birds, and spend some money you don't have. Why not?

Happy Thanksgiving,

Seagull Steve and Felonious Jive

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  1. Being married to a microbiologist, I consider septic tanks the very definition of "lively", but I suppose that was not what you meant.
    Happy Thanksgiving, calling in sick, drinking whiskey, and most of all: happy birding!
    Can I demand pictures of Barrow's Goldeneye?
    I think so.