Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mute The Sea, Stop The Clocks

I've been unemployed for a solid month and a half now. And let me tell's been great. Now that my fall tour is officially over, I don't have many expenses anymore beyond food and spirits. But since I am constantly celebrating various reunions among various friends, this can get costly.....but I'm not too worried about it. Take this to heart.

My very first blue Ross' Goose! I've looked for these for years in California's Central and Imperial Valleys, but finally found one at Bosque Del Apache NWR.

The gears are turning here in birdnerd world, and granolaheads everywhere are looking for late winter and spring work. I am in the thick of doing interviews and shooting emails at a rapid rate, and it ain't pretty boys and girls. I just might know what is next for me and the great ornithologist, Felonious Jive, by the end of next week...the ramifications could be staggering.

I got access to Whitetail Acres, which are man-made wetlands created by a wealthy conservationist in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. They provided the only real shorebird habitat for miles around, and also had Bobolinks, Eastern Kingbirds, Orchard Oriole, Swamp Sparrow, etc.

I spent some time at New Mexico's famous Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge a month ago, which I'd heard about for many years. Winter is the best time to go for thousands of cranes, geese, ducks and various raptors, so I was a little bit early.....but it did serve as a good conclusion to my long fall tour (Portland was mostly a social call, although I did squeeze in some decent birding), and certainly wasn't disappointing. To be honest, I was happy just to be listening to White-crowned Sparrows again.....that song is somehow entwined with my very core, I reckon....I've been hearing it ever since I was but a fetal birdwatcher, and its damn hard to forget.

Sparrows aside, its great to be able to spend some time with cranes and geese, especially when they know not to be terrified of you (thanks hunters)....there is something about that ridiculous cacophany that has a very calming effect on me. No rhyme intended.

Well, I'm going to see NOFX and Dead To Me tonight and it's going to kick ass. I love San Francisco!

Sandhill Cranes. Lurking. Bosque Del Apache NWR.

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