Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Off And On And Back And Forth And Home Then Gone

One of the White-eared Hummingbirds that were hanging out in Arizona's Miller Canyon last summer.

Just when you thought my short attention span was going to get the best of me, I'm bringing it back home. Mostly feathered, one scaled and scuted, some respledent, some drab, but all nerdy action for you. There is no real unifying theme here, but here's a few photos that I don't think I've ever put up before. Since I've yet again stayed away from any Christmas Bird Counts this year, this will have to be my contribution to the bedraggled, you the unsocialized, you the wealthy, you the probably white, you, my kindered, the birding community.

In other news, I have developed a deep and unabiding hatred for California's unemployment program....whoever set it up to run how it does must have a severe case of shitbrain. Absolutely brutal.

A female Berylline Hummingbird goes back to her hair larder. She had impaled a small dog on this fence earlier.....truly the new butcher bird.

One of the many friendly White Terns that reside at Midway Atoll.

All sea turtles have a terrible survival rate in their first year of life (something like 99% get killed I think), but once they grow up, life seems good. If you pass out face down in the sand it generally means you did something horrible the night before, but it's just daily routine for the turtles.

Another beautiful day at Midway, with another beautiful Laysan Albatross. I must return.....

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