Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Kill The Sleeping Cop In Me

One of the newly completed areas at Salvation Mountain.

Well it's been a turbulent start to Y2K10 here at BB&B, but turbulence happens right? And like most occurrences, it's usually pretty brief and not something we bank in our long-term memories....why dwell on the bullshit, right? Right.

A lot of birders are getting all uppity and bragging about how many species they've already seen in this Foul Year Of Our Lord, Two Thousand Ten. Which is fine. That's what they do. That's what I used to do. It's in our nature. It's all part of our subcultural zeitgeist, part of what makes us the nerds that we are.

I didn't mean for this shot to come out so dark (that's the sun, not the moon), but I kinda like it.

Which is neither here nor there....and possibly not anywhere relevant. When working on this thing I often require coffee, which in turn (tern?) makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on any one topic for very long. For example, the topic on the tip of my proverbial tongue right now is fallen soldiers. No, not the heroic/unlucky/stupid (depending on your point of view) people who have died for their god and country, but cans and bottles of beer that were opened and had a couple of sips taken.....then left by the wayside. But these fallen soldiers are neither gone nor forgotten....they serve as reminders (the next morning) of A) how wasteful people are, and in the case of a certain German roommate, B) what terrible drinkers people can be.

Indeed.....very much so. I guess this is what you're stuck with....random screeds written by a highly-caffeinated half-asian man. Maybe I should go birding or something, eh? That always seems to make life a little more livable.

Speaking of which, for those of you in the bay area (Fay Area), there are a lot of good shows coming up in January. Andrew Jackson Jihad, Strung Out, The Ian Fays, Devil Makes Three and Strike Anywhere are all playing in the city this month...which sounds good to me. Ha!

A female Common Ground-Dove, wallowing in her scaly goodness.

Sometimes living a life in the dust doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Finally, barring catastrophe, apocalypse, and The Second Coming Of Zombie Christ, it looks like I will be moving down to Arizona at the end of February for some serious point-counting. I will give more details in the near future.....with this in mind, I think I can level my warrior to enjoy funemployment to the maximum. Sick.

A cloud of Snow and Ross' Geese whirls over an alfalfa field at Salton Sea NWR.

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