Monday, February 1, 2010

Every Word Is Bond

Back in October I spent some time lurking around Sanibel Island, Florida, which is well known for its crippling birding opportunities. On the causeway out to Sanibel, there are a few man-made islands where a variety of water birds hang out. I entrenched myself on the beach and watched a small flock of Sandwich Terns feed just offshore....definitely the most quality time I've got to spend with them...things will never be the same.


  1. Again, you are right (title):
    My word is Bond, James Bond, too!

    Yeah, that hurt.

    Sandwich Terns are very neat and I always feel the ocean is saltiest and the beach sandiest when Sandwichs are around.

  2. Yeah I really liked the Sanibel/Ft Myers area....such awesome beaches....I actually applied for a job there but it didnt pan out. Long live the SATE.