Monday, March 29, 2010

He Should've Been On The Cover

One of the Short-tailed Albatross that spent the spring on Midway Atoll, photographed a year ago.  It is the T-Rex of North Pacific seabirds, and spends its time ferociously.....well, sitting around and sleeping while we saw it.

In news of things that is not short, I am filling out a massive, Old Testament sized employment packet for the feds.  It is an abomination of bureaucracy, calling on me to declare everything I've ever done, thought, or thought about thinking.  Until I can unload this thing and get my fingerprints taken, life is truly pain.


  1. why are the feds after you this time? the summer gig? paperwork is a beast.

  2. Where did your comment go nutcase? Yeah that crud was for the Buldir posish.....hopefully I didnt forget some crucial initial somewhere....I was never cut out for much paperwork.