Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Not That I Don't Like You, It's Just That I'm At A Party

Zone-tailed Hawks evolved to appear and fly like Turkey Vultures, so as to appear harmless to their intended victims. They also evolved to be fantastic.

Jesus, the Top 40 is shit.  Most of it was clearly written for people who have significant brain damage.  Ironically, I listen to it all the time, now that my ipod adapter in my car bit the dust and I have accepted that I'm a total masochist.  When NPR is mind-numbingly boring, I go straight to 93.7....although I don't know how much longer I can do that without driving off a cliff.  At least I still have love for Lady Gaga.

So I do stuff all the time now, and some crud too.  Field work, entering data, birding and prepping for a cold and wet Alaskan summer leave little time for much else beyond writing on this thing and watching my hummingbirds.  I love the shit out of these little bastards.  Living with wildlife around is so much more satisfying than a drab, mind-numbing city apartment that is something straight out of the mind of George Orwell (thats you, San Francisco friends).  I finally met the Ringtail Cat that lives in our house Saturday night, and I think I pissed myself a little bit.

Here's a video Elias Elias (aka E-Squared Gallery) took of one of our hummingbird feeders with his iphone, from a few feet away.


  1. Elias Elias from Humboldt? This is all so confusing. "Lady" Gaga horrifies me but the zone-taileds are sweet.

  2. Yup, the one and only E-squared is in full effect down here. He said he ran into Dr Golightly (HSU mammals guru) down at Patagonia a few weeks ago.....Humboldt is well represented....

  3. I actually don't know E-squared but i get a little excited every time i hear his name because it's so damn cool. I had one sighting of him at the xmas bird county shebang thing. It was very exciting.