Monday, April 26, 2010

You Dance To This, You Drink To Me

Hey!  So it turns out Mexico is still pretty great.  I only got mud-butt once ( far), and I finally faced my nemesis, the Blue-footed Booby.  The color of their feet is truly a testament to creativity and brilliance of The Good Lord, and I bless Him for putting such creatures on earth for us to enjoy.

Ha!  Gotcha there!  Totally kidding.  It seems I got stuck in some kind of Catholic mindset there for a second.  Because we really know He put us here for the boobies to enjoy......

Right.  This is going to be a quick post.  I can harken back to last weekend another time.  I just wanted to post this Red-necked Grebe that we found at Cholla Bay (spotted by the one and only Elias Elias), west of Puerto Penasco, as I reckon they're not exactly a common sight south of the border.  As you can see, its pretty haggard looking, and acted sickly.  After we walked away from it, I looked back to see a small Mexican child bounding towards it.  To understand what was going through my head at the time, you should know that I am uneasy when I see children bounding towards anything, let alone some poor, lonely, badly lost grebe.  When el nino was a few feet away, the grebe slipped into the (very small) amount of water and dove, so I thought it might escape the wrath of the child......but a few minutes later I looked again and saw the kid's dad  walking around with the bird in his hands (which in retrospect, would have been a hilarious picture to use for documentation).  At this point, I assumed the grebe was doomed.  He walked around with it (gently, to his credit) for a full half hour before he put it back in the bay, apparently not any worse off than it was before.  Truly bizarre.

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  1. seriously? bizarre, yes. My spanish is in a sad sorry state but I would have attempted to have words. This disturbs me. (and bounding children? horrifying). But I'm glad to hear the grebe friend was eh, okay...Sweet sighting though, I really hope he was safely on his way soon after. Glad the mud butt is/was under control.