Monday, May 3, 2010

No Sex, No Drugs, No Sir, Not Me

Here is the Ringtail Cat that lives in our attic.  Best roommate ever.

Ok, now that I've got all that "white guilt" off my chest (well, half of my chest), we can get back to the matter at hand.  I spent the weekend in the Chiricahuas, doing a lot of birding and a lot of hiding from the weekend.  Jesus, the weather this spring has been nothing but a fat disappointment.  Anyways.....I got my lifer Montezuma Quail, which caused me to poop a little.  For those unfamiliar, this is a common reaction upon seeing a Montezuma Quail, for they wield the curse of Montezuma's Revenge as a defense mechanism.  Take a quail by surprise, and they will take your intestines for a ride.  There are a few legends of huge groups of birders running into large coveys of Montezuma Quail, and you can bet that they would have wished they were wearing diapers if they weren't already (they were very old, you see).  Anyhow, consider yourself Warned.

Other quality birds included a Short-tailed Hawk, lots of Blue-throated Hummingbirds, Juniper Titmouse, Western Wood-Pewee, White-eared Hummingbird (in Miller Canyon), and of course Elegant Trogons.  That's not a bad bunch of birds, eh?  

Surfbirds and Ruddy Turnstones lurk brightly at Pelican Point, next to Puerto Penasco, MEX.

I've only got about a week left here before it's back to California for hot minute.  Unfortunately, there will be no San Francisco or Arcata trip, sorry lovers, but I do plan on consuming every drop of alcohol in Ventura County before I head up to the Aleutians for the summer, as it's going to be several dry months, if you know what I'm saying.

There's so much more to say.  Some kind of condemning, yet eloquent synopsis on the region and its birdlife feels like it should be in order....but I don't think I've had enough caffeine to tackle that kind of monstrous idea.  The Fear And Loathing that I've been fighting off lately is being replaced with the beautiful realization that I will be Free soon, if only for a short's also a bummer (and kind of ironic) to be leaving right when the complete suite of birds actually gets here.....there's still a lot of summer birds that I haven't seen yet this year.....

Which is neither here nor there.  Tomorrow morning, around 4:30 AM, I will set out on my last death march up to the top of Madera Canyon, down Josephine Canyon, back to Josephine Saddle, up to Mt. Wrightson, then down to Florida Saddle and finally Florida Canyon Wednesday afternoon.  The snow should be at a humane depth at least.  

Ok.  I've got a world to save.  See you later.

Verdins are ever-present in desert habitats in the area.  They remind me of Bushtits on steroids.


  1. thumbs up for poop inducing birds!

  2. I'm a newcomer to your blog and have really enjoyed it! Before you take off into the great unknown, if you have time and would care to, i would love some help identifying a flock of migrating birds that passed over my house here in New Mexico. If so, please email me at desertnutmeg at gmail dot com.

    I am soooo envious-i've been wanting to see a ringtail since i moved out here! Love the verdin with attitude!


  3. I hear the birder tours out of Tucson now issue two "Depends" per person. It really gets the oldsters fired up in anticipation of seeing Montezuma Quaii, and since many of them use Depends anyway, they consider it a kind gift.