Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean Sheets Mean A Lot To A Guy Who Sleeps On The Floor

"I realized...that I was as passionate about science as I was about music, and thus began my internal tug-of-war between the two that exists to this day. Along with these conflicting passions, the element of doubt definitely contributed to my music/science vacillations: I never really took seriously the notion of having a career in music, hence it was easy to “shelve” it at any given point. Likewise, I seriously doubted whether I would ever get a job in science (luckily, I did). I feel very fortunate that things worked out as well as they did, given my noncommittal attitude to both things!!"                                  - Milo Aukerman (The Descendents)                                                                                   
I can relate to this...I actually think about this a lot. The biggest downfall of my lifestyle as a nomadic vagrant is that it makes it impossible to be in a band. Railer. Oddly, any hard-working band is always on tour and traveling the country....I guess I'm just drawn to the lifestyle.

In the spirit of doing Two Things At Once ( thats a Descendents pun, thank you), I took a much-needed trip to Vegas this weekend. To put it mildly, it was rad. To borrow a line from Hunter S. Thompson,  I got so high and wild that I felt like a two-ton manta ray jumping all the way across the Bay of Bengal. Great to have the right friends at your side, deep in the heart of a depraved place like that.

None of these people know each other. Yes that is a man passed out on a casino floor. Ouch though.

So its Monday. As you feel the throbbing pain of a full week of work setting in, I've got a few links you should see to help ease the pain.

We'll start you off with this disgustingly adorable baby river dolphin. I advise you drink in the picture of it with the penguin.  Totes ridic.

Less adorable and more disgusting is the following video. Its safe for work, but I would kinda feel weird hanging out in a cubicle watching this. Anyways, its all very scientifically interesting. I've told many people over the years that bottlenose dolphins will have extracurricular sex and enthusiastically try to mate with other species (presumably because mating is really, really fun), and all the proof you need is right here. I like how the girl shooting the video is just cracking up the whole time.

Lastly, peep this article on Nepalese paragliding vultures.. Be sure to scroll all the pictures. Weird, but I think they've got a good thing going out there. Most westerners don't really think of vultures being endangered species (they are so abundant even nonbirders can recognize them), but they are in bad shape out that way.

Right. Its good to be back. More tomorrow.


  1. baby dolphin plus penguin. hurts me too much but i love the pain. also, i would like to fly with vultures. that's badass. although, i'm sure they smell real bad. glad you survived vegas. i just get violent when i'm in the vicinity of that place. oh yeah, new lens! yeehaw! not a new camera body though, just lens. (and thanks for the compliment on the pics, yo)

    This might be right up your alley.

    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for posting such great pictures and commentary. It makes the cubicle life a little more bearable.

  3. @Jill - Its definitely the good kind of hurt.

    @Anonymousnerd - totally up my alley. my buddy goes to those...I'll check it out sometime! Glad yer entertained.