Monday, November 1, 2010

I Remember Halloween

I was watching Game 4 of the World Series last night and was shocked to hear a clip of AFI's cover of the legendary Misfits song "Halloween", which was recorded over 10 years ago now.  The younger me ate that shit up.  Never thought I'd be hearing that on FOX.....

Anyways.  Just a quick addition to the Voter Guide.  Please vote NO on Prop 26.  While 26 seems relatively benign (its based on changing definitions of taxes), in reality its proposals would result in making it extremely difficult for the state to charge polluters the public costs of their messes (i.e. spills of oil and other toxic chemicals), instead leaving it to us the taxpayers to deal with the problems private industries create.

From  Triple Pundit, who gives a great in-depth view of Props 23 (NO) and Prop 26, the biggest contributor to the measure is the oil and gas industry, with 3.7 million thrown down; I should not have to tell you that Big Oil is not our friend.

In nonpartisan news, everyone likes owls.  And memes.  What do you have with owls + the internet?  Hungover Owls!

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