Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now The Holy Ghost Is In Question

American Avocets wheel and turn over Morro Bay.

The sorrow continues.

Now there is Black-tailed Gull in LA, and a frakkin' Bean Goose at the Salton Sea. Now would be a good time to be a Southern Californian. Those are not words to be uttered very often.....but its ok for me to say that, being from Ventura and all.

Despite the fact that I almost blew one up with a grape once, Anna's Hummingbirds are a beloved year-round resident along much of the West Coast.

All hummingbirds have long tongues. This trait evolved for foraging in human ears and licking brain for nutrients. But you know that. 

This hurts. Salt in the wound....the wound torn into my heart by an adult Ivory Gull that could be anywhere by now. I think that Black-tailed Gull may only be the third ever in California, and the Bean Goose is the first.  These are actually both birds I was hoping to see on Buldir Island last summer, but it didnt come to fruition (was forced to look at Emperor Goose and Slaty-backed Gulls instead, ha).

Now if I was really, really, really bored, I would probably drive down to look for both of those things. But you know what? I have a hard time justifying driving all the way down there. Thats a lot of miles, a lot of time, a lot of gas, a lot of money, and then there is the great Ivory Gull failure that I have still not fully come to terms with....I just can't feel really good about the whole scenario. Besides, Bean Geese are really, really common in a lot of other places....right? But most importantly, I'm due in Las Vegas on Thursday night for a long weekend, which may potentially cripple me forever. Geese and gulls, thankfully, will be the last thing on my mind for a few days.

This Osprey was one of the few interesting birds present at the much-hated Ivory Gull seal carcass in Arroyo Grande. Obviously, Osprey eat fish. I strongly suggest you learn all about that here. The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive highly recommends this source. 

Ah, the Red-tailed Hawk. Native seemingly everywhere and loved by all. 

This isn't a bird, apparently. I'm mystified. Any takers? Photographed in Ventura, CA in early October.


  1. Looks like a Marine Blue.....

  2. That thing on your last picture: it is called "Bird Food".

    You're welcome, don't mention it.

    And by the way, as it's a Taiga Bean Goose, it'snot really "really, really" common anywhere.
    Oh, but of course I can see that doing shrooms in Vegas beats the goose. And the gull. Yeah, of course it does. For poor bustards with no priorities in life it sure does.
    You know, just mentioning it.

  3. Marine Blue? Works for me. Sounds like a shade of paint.

    I'm banking on the 2 new Bean Goose subspecies to be relumped again, a la White and Black-backed Wagtails. Its a taxanomic insurance policy for situations like this.

    "Shrooms"? Who said that? How embarrassing.