Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out Here Standing On A Rooftop Screaming

Different shades of rock. Sandpipers. Rock Sandpipers. Adak Island, Alaska.

Whoa! Its almost Thanksgiving! How did that happen? I'm contemplating entering a deep and profound state of panic. What else is there to do? All my friends have higher year lists than me....but that's ok, because we all know who is having more fun. That, and I am positive that they didn't run into dozens of Bramblings this summer.

Yes, birders like to lord their bird sightings over each other. It's all part of the game. They sound like a bunch of assholes, I know, but they're mostly just juvenile. Actually, one of the biggest assholes I can think of is a certain birder from San Diego. In fact, this person's reputation is so well-known that he would even recognize himself if he was to read this. So I don't feel bad then, because I'm just keeping it real.

Rock Ptarmigan! Adak Island, Alaska.

Which is too bad, because San Diego is a quality county for birding in California, and I have great sympathy for all the poor schmucks who run into this tool and don't know what they have on their hands. One of the last things birders expect when they run into other enthusiasts in the field is for them to be complete dicks. Awkward, badly dressed, and prone to horribly mispronouncing things, yes, but not dicks.

Honestly, what does that accomplish? As cheesy as it sounds, birders have a community, and it doesnt really benefit anyone to give your peers shit for trivial and outright stupid reasons. You know what I'm saying? If you want to vent and act like a child and pretend people want to pay attention to you, start a blog for God's sake.

Yes I know this is a gruesome picture, but these are Bramblings, so cut me some slack. Attu Island, Alaska.

Yes, that last bit was intentionally ironic, thanks. I hope you are all preparing yourselves for the doom and horror that is sure to arrive at your doorstep on Thursday. I also suggest everyone evacuating the entire Mono Basin, because something bad will happen on Thanksgiving. I guarantee it. Things may never be the same again.

Steaming west through the Aleutians on the Tiglax.

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