Saturday, November 6, 2010

They Gave Me Some Beans For My Last Meal

My, what pretty slippers you have Wood Stork.  Your head looks like it could use some moisturizer though.

Hey kids.  It's kind of late at night to be posting blogs (on a Saturday night, no less), but I just got home from seeing Billy Bragg, Im drinking Famous Grouse scotch, and it just seems right.  Tomorrow I am finally breaking my official self-imposed birding hiatus to go look for an Ivory Gull that showed up at Pismo Beach last week.  This is only the second one ever seen in California, and they're really hard to find even where they're supposed to be (the highest of the high arctic).  

I am bringing extra underwear with me, because if I do see it, I will crap my pants.  I'm not joking.  Only a few pants-crapping birds show up in the vast state of California in a given year, and this may be the most pants-crappiest of them all.

Unrelatedly, here's some pictures from Florida that I took in October of last year. Absolutely crippling birding down there. Hope ya'll had a positive weekend.

White-eyed Vireo.  Gaze into its pale eye and you will know your destiny.

Loch Ness Monster?  Anhinga!

Tricolored Herons are one of the many colorful and beloved denizens of southern marshes.

Black Vultures (shown here) and Turkey Vultures are both abundant in Florida...probably because of all the old people. Zing!

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