Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waiting For A Spark To Reignite

Whiskered Auklets are nocturnal, so they rarely offered themselves up for photo ops. Bloody great bird though. Not many places in the world where you can see these duders.

Hey! I didn't get much sleep last night (thanks to Broke-Ass Stuart), so I'm just going to toss you some auklet photos from Buldir. I do miss them. Ciao!

Crested Auklet. The size of the crest has a lot to do with age and social ranking, and how sexy males are perceived by females. They are also sensitive, and are used navigate around in the dark crevices they roost/nest in so they don't hit their heads. This bird, which I'm guessing is a male judging by bill size, appears to be pretty well-endowed.

Least Auklets. Birds like threesomes too.

Not a great shot, but I think it gets the idea across that there are a lot of auklets at Buldir. These are mostly Crested and Least. Feel free to enlarge the photo and start counting.


  1. Nice blog. I found you through 'i used to hate birds.' I'll check back and see ya again!