Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Live In The Moment, It's Fleeting, I Know It

Nothing says Y2K11 (El Ano Tranquilo) like a new banner to start off the new year. This cheery Bonaparte's Gull (The Gull of Fortitude) is just what we need. It's not as dreary and post-apocalyptic as the Yellow-shafted Flicker silhouette was...I know some of you revel in that sort of environment, but I can only take it for so long.

That's all you get from me today. Plans are being made, great things are afoot.

To quench your visual thirst, here is another Salton Sea scene...a Great Egret with a California Gull (The Gull of Mormon) looming in the foreground.


  1. I know it's blury and all but man that sure looks like a Ring-billed in the foreground!

  2. It definitely looks like a RBGU...but I have a sharp photo that proves otherwise!