Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Opulent Look Down With Madisonian Disdain

Green-winged Teal. Radio Road, Redwood Shores, CA.

New camera! New camera! New camera! This will totally level my photographer warrior, and make the old Nikkor 300mm and the Sigma (or as I call it, the Smegma) 400mm look a bit better. I'm pretty stoked. I can already see the difference...it's a big step up from the old D70s. Anyways, I manged to try it out over the last couple days and am pretty pleased so far. Here's some of what I got. None of these birds are particularly rare in California (I'll make up for that next time), but I don't really care about that and I have this strong desire to share.

Marbled Godwits and American Avocets roost at high tide. @Radio Road.

A drake Gadwall. Economy of style. @Radio Road.

In other news, whats up with weekly features on blogs? Everyone floating around in that vast blogosphere seems to be doing it. Team BB&B has been assigned the task of developing a weekly feature. So far the most promising ideas have been "Pictures of birds you would kill loved ones to see", "Pictures of birds you would still see if it meant your first-born child came out severely physically and mentally handicapped" and "Birding gossip: The scandalous guide of who-has-slept-with-who in the world of birding." For this last bit, every week we will reveal a certain bit of selacious information until after a couple years the web of birder love is nearly complete. At that point, The Great Ornithologist (and world-renowned lover) Felonious Jive and I will construct a powerpoint presentation (complete with devastating pictures) and make it available for download here to finish it off. No one will be safe! Yes? No?

Right. Picture me birding.

The wise and notorious Spirit Gull illuminates. This is the closest thing to an Ivory Gull I will see this year....sigh. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

A spry female Hooded Merganser sips from The Fountain Of Merganser Youth. @Golden Gate Park.

I really dig this picture. Mew Gull. @Golden Gate Park.


  1. Weekly features give you something to write about regularly even when you don't have any ideas. That's... pretty much it.

    Congrats on the new camera. I trust you won't be referring to it as "the big gun"? That's a shame.

  2. No big guns in the near future for me...hehe...

  3. I'm okay with the who's-slept-with-who part but it HAS to be in the scope. Identification by sounds doesn't count.

  4. I did spot a really bizarre event going down in my scope once (on accident, please believe me), but fortunately/unfortunately I don't think they were birders...