Monday, January 3, 2011

I Taught The Weeping Willow How To Cry

Some Burrowing Owls need some "me" time in the winter, some double up in more spacious burrows.

Siiiiiiiiick. My birth into the new year was lubricated by karaoke at Bender's, a Mission bar I don't usually find myself in very often, but we all had a blast. I sang an Against Me! song and a Creedence song. It's nice to start off the year with a high note....unlike last year, when some asshole in the Lower Haight ran off with my camera, ipod, sunglasses, etc. 

I woke up bright and early on January 1 (12:49 PM) and blearily stuck my head out the door to find out what my first bird of the year was, and managed to make out the quiet twittering of a Bushtit nearby.  So there we have it.....2011, The Year of The Bushtit.

A young Bonaparte's Gull braves the murky sea.

It's bloody hard to get an action shot of a dove/pigeon of any sort, so I thought this one was pretty good. This is a female Common Ground-Dove bossing around her male friend.

A better view of the female Common Ground-Dove. She may be homely, but is well-kept.

Before I take off for my east Mexican road trip, I'd like to squeeze in some bay area biding when the weather gets good. It has been a particularly dark, wet winter here, and its all that some people can do to stay out of a state of catatonic despair. The urge to stay in bed as long as possible (preferably in the fetal position) is strong, but the urge to view birds overcomes. The last couple days have been marked by the cold, wet, overcast and overwhelmingly bleak weather that has been typical for the last month or so, but Imma get out and soak in some birdlife today.

As you probably guessed, this is another suite of pictures from my recent Salton Sea trip. If you've never been......then what are you waiting for?

There's nothing like seeing a majestic Great Egret soaring over some high mountain peaks amongst the eagles and condors. There's nothing like it because that never really happens.

An illustrious Black-necked Stilt finds a salty morsel.

In my book, the Salton Sea (along with Mono Lake and the Gulf of California) has some of the best sunsets.


  1. Fine, go ahead and flaunt some of my favorite places on the planet (mono and baja: arf!). You totally got me at the great egret/eagle/condor thing. "Condors at Salton Sea?!?" Need more coffee. Burrowing owls = adorable!

  2. I have friends at Mono would make sense to get a seasonal job there but I havent found the right one. Baja requires much more of my attention...

  3. i have not seen nearly enough burrowing owls in my life and that brings me down. That Common Ground dove sho' is sassy. I like it. I miss the North Coast (freaking duh) but shit, that weather was brutal. I remember the crumbled fetal position well. Then happens in Missicrappi because seriously, what the hell is there to do here? Good god, I'm so negative. Sorry .I'm sorry!

  4. You can also be thankful that you no longer have the Humboldt Crud to contend with...

    I have no idea what there is to do in Missishitty, although there have to be some good things. Find a local patch? Drink a lot more?