Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll Give It Up Just To Spite You

What are these? Gray hairstreaks? Milkweed? I don't even know. Photographed near Montgomery Creek, CA.

In a nod to other life forms out there, here are some non-birds. They're all from 2006 in northern California, during the crazy LBJ days....

Huh. So. I need your opinion on this one bird kids. What do you think of this blog? Is it a travesty? A grim monument to whatever can go wrong in the world of birding and biology? A sad testament to scientists who have made the mistake of acquiring a sense of humor? I don't know.

The reason I ask is that I am vaguely entertaining (emphasis on "vaguely") the idea of including a link to BB&B in select future cover letters/letters of interest when applying to jobs. The pros? It shows off what I've done, some of my photos, that I'm not an idiot, and I have a personality and a sense of the absurd. The cons, of course, are passing mentions of booze, drugs, sex, my penchant for ridiculing birders and biologists, railing against the failures of various organized religions, and most of personality and sense of the absurd. Now officially, I don't admit to doing anything illegal, of course. The offical policy we have here is DENY EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to things like Fun. I live a puritan, virginal, almost Buddha-like existence...right?

Rubber boa!!!!!!!! Also....wrist band!!!! Sooooooo 2006. Near Hyampom, CA.

Beargrass blooms. Near Hyampom, CA.

Of course, there are people who would be turned off by what they see here, but I think a prospective employer who likes what they see would be slightly more inclined to hire me. People enjoy working with people who have a sense of humor and know how to have a good time....well, some people.

Western Pond Turtle (?). Near Hyampom, CA.

Random thoughts, as always. One of the nice things about having to apply to jobs all the time is that you do it so often that you don't really stress out about it. Why not have some fun? Plus, it would be hilarious if I landed a gig thanks to all the hard-working staff at BB&B. This blog seems to have helped me land a couple pro deals with some well-known companies that shall remain Safely why not a job? I am, after all, a consummate professional...


  1. Opinion: I think this blog is fucking great. It is one of the only things that I check in on regularly and enjoy every time. That being said, I am a bit unusual; so my love of booze, humor and birds may not be a common combo.

  2. Oh, absolutely.

    I have mine on my resume, right next to my phone number. While mine is a little more PG than yours, it does get gross (poop pics, etc.). One huge draw for me re: wildlife/natural resource folks is MOST are down to Earth, which is key to work place enjoyment for me, and your blog would be a GREAT filter to weed out the uptights.

    Also, another reason I have my blog on my resume (just sent yesterday) is that yes, I can spell, the English language is my friend, I like to and can communicate, AND "I can write a blog for you, too!" Tech-savvy, be it ever so slight.

    So: Abso-freakin'-lutely. Be proud! =) You are among the rare good-at-communicating-science-nerd crowd. Go, baby!

  3. Thanks guys! You're the I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Where are you applying to BB?