Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Memory Dangles By A Thread

Your friend and mine, the Least Bittern.
Well, this is it people. Tonight I fly to Veracruz, Mexico, and move into my new home in Chavarrillo, where I will work as a hawk counter until the end of April. It's been a fun fall and winter, filled with good people, good birding, good know, good times. So thanks for following along. It is rumored that I will have some kind of internet access.....if so, I will do my best to check in with everybody on BB&B (unlikely) and email.

A bittern itch.

Oooooh that feels good.

I should probably let you know how El Año Tranquilo is going. The year list stands at 340 right now (latest addition: Red-necked Grebe in Ventura County, a Good Bird down this way), the bulk of those being recorded old Mexico way. I'm still shooting for 400 by April 30 (almost my entire 2010 total), which will give me something to do in my off time in Mexico. My best (North) American birds so far, personally, were Least (pictured) and American Bitterns, two of my favorite species that I did not have the fortune of coming across last year. The Least Bittern was lurking in Martinez, CA.

So I think that's it. I still have some packing to do. If I don't get back to BB&B before I come back...goodbye friends! Goodbye blogosphere! Keep it positive, be excellent to eachother....and use condoms.





  1. Be safe and have an excellent time!

  2. Good luck down there! Hope you see some awesome birds...

  3. Oh My God that last sequence is FABULOUS!!!

    And, of course, bon voyage, safe and fabulous adventures, and looking forward to your return. =)