Friday, February 11, 2011

To Biblically Know Me

Behold.....the Merlin. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, VA.

Guess what guys? My camera still hasn't shown up its back to the east coast! Here are some random shots from fall 2009.

Once my replacement Nikon gets here, I reckon I can finally move past The Mexico Incident. Beyond $$$, I don't really care about my lost clothing, camping and hiking gear, but I have gotten into the habit of birding with a camera the last few years and now I feel naked without it. Well, I'm pretty damn comfortable without any clothes on, so it would be more accurate to say that I feel like I'm being ravaged by some flesh-eating bacteria. It is not pleasant.....but of course, I'll always be a birder over a photographer. I know where my priorities lie.

I was very confused about the identity of this bird. It lacked wings, feathers, scales, and was covered in a slimy mucus. It also stubbornly refused to move, although it wasn't on a nest of any sort. I later learned it was called a "frog", although I cannot seem to find frogs in any of my bird books. This Bullfrog (I assume) was at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland.

A Great Blue Heron endures a rainstorm. I dare somebody to identify the speck in the pine tree sitting above and to the left of the heron. @Blackwater.

Another bewildering bird of some sort. Photographed near Casselman, PA.

The weekend is imminent my friends. Although I have been living The Perpetual Weekend for quite some time now, I need to squeeze in as much SF as I can before I head out into the proverbial wilderness. The Keel-billed Toucans are calling to me, and soon I will have no choice but to join them in the woods. The siren song of the toucan is difficult to ignore. But until then, it will be whiskey, friends, punk rock and exotic foods. Speaking of which, I need to go look for an eggplant recipe, because I have no idea what you are supposed to do with those things. Later.

Royal Tern. I always find them to be very bald-looking in this plumage....which is fitting for a Florida bird. HEY-OH! Fort Clinch State Park, FL.


  1. I don't know much about birds, but I can ID your caterpillar. It's a Lophocampa caryae (hickory tussock moth): Also read your newest V-day post. Too funny! Right now the only "music" tonight is the sound of the printer as my husband finish his paper for school. Hope your date goes well!

  2. Cool, thanks Katie. My knowledge of the insect world is sadly lacking. Thanks for the V-day post props, the date did go well....if not more expensive than I anticipated....